Rayhan Noor Shows His Gratitude and Apology in “Serupa Semula”

Rayhan Noor releases his new song “Serupa Semula”. In the song, he shares a genuine story about his difficult path, expresses gratitude, and apologizes to his parents. Rayhan showed how grateful he is to have both parents who provided support in their son’s choice of a path that was far different from their expectations, the expectations of those around him, and even from his own parents’ culture.

This song reflects deeply on the life he built for himself. Especially his relationship to his parents and what kind of emotions he has for them. This song also expresses his gratitude for their presence in his life.

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His song “Serupa Semula” is an apology and love expression to his parents. Although writing “Serupa Semula” only took about a day, Rayhan Noor added the finishing touches, and it took him more than two years to get it ready for public release through the Sun Eater music label.

For him, the timing of the song’s release is ideal because he is nearing thirty. He feels that this age is the right one for him to tell his parents how he really feels. In this song, Rayhan expresses gratitude and apologies to his parents, who have been his most persistent supporters.

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