Rayhan Noor Has to Accept Reality in “Mau Tak Mau”


Rayhan Noor released a medium tempo and easy to enjoy song entitled “Mau Tak Mau” to digital music platforms on November 18, 2022. In this song, Rayhan Noor began to accept the things that must be done in order to get through life.

“This song is about how things are not as easy as we think, because we have to go through routines and all kinds of things. Even though we do what we like, we have to go through all of that too. So, I was being sarcastic to myself: ‘This is how it is. Are there any more options? So, just relax.’ That’s why the lyrics are quite bitter,” said Rayhan.

“Mau Tak Mau” was first written while Rayhan was on vacation in Ubud, Bali at the end of 2020. “In the middle of a pandemic, I went there to look for inspiration because I was pretty stuck due to being at home all the time. This is one of the songs that I produced,” said Rayhan, who is known for his role as vocalist-guitarist of pop group Lomba Sihir as well as his EP, “Colors”, which contains his duet with Agatha Pricilla.

Rayhan invited Enrico Octaviano, his colleague at Lomba Sihir and MARTIALS/, as co-producer to help him on the song. Besides Enrico, the song also featured contributions from Agatha Pricilla who directed vocals and provided backing vocals with Dennis Ferdinand. Then, Dimas Pradipta added the final touches in the mixing and mastering stages.

With “Ragu?” which was released last year, “Mau Tak Mau” became an early sample of the upcoming 1st full solo album from Rayhan Noor. After “Mau Tak Mau”, there will be several more singles ahead of the planned album which will be released in mid-2023. (https://basicbluesnation.com/)


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