Febinda Tito Moves On in ‘Tak Lagi-Lagi’

Febinda Tito, a pop music singer and songwriter from Tulungagung, East Java, released a new song titled ‘Tak Lagi-Lagi’. This song is Tito’s 4th song and has a continuation of the story with the previous 3 songs.

‘Tak Lagi-Lagi’ is a continuation of the previous 3 singles, namely ‘Mengalah’, ‘Berantakan’, and ‘Semau-maumu’. ‘Semau-maumu’ previously took the point of view of the romance of teenage schoolchildren in love. ‘Berantakan’ tells about the couple’s upset moment. While ‘Mengalah’ tells the story of a love story that is in the phase of heartbreak and the story of the phase of sincerity of a relationship that has ended.

“Tak Lagi-Lagi is about us realizing that moving on can be that easy if we realize that we are valuable,” Febinda Tito said.

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Dimas Wibisana, Bianca Nelwan, Febinda Tito, Wildan Ruruh, and Windu Airlangga wrote this upbeat pop-rock song that lasts 03:32 minutes. Meanwhile, the producers are Dimas Wibisana, Febinda Tito, Wildan Ruruh, and Windu Airlangga. Another fact is that ‘Tak Lagi-Lagi’ was only written in one day. 

“This song was written because I wanted to sing a song to shout my heart out. The writing process just happened and was completed in one day,” he said. He hopes that fans and music listeners in Indonesia can accept his work. Especially encouragement for those who have been hurt but still fail to move on. 

Tito released his studio album ‘Perayaan Rasa’ which contains 14 original songs that have been released independently in early 2022. ‘Tak Lagi-Lagi’ is available on digital streaming platforms in Indonesia, and the official music video is on the same day and can be watched on Febinda Tito’s Youtube channel.

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