Ten2Five Releases Religious Single “Shalawat Dari Hati” For Ramadan Moments

Ten2Five, a music group from Jakarta, released a new song. Different from their previous songs, this new song was released with a religious theme entitled “Shalawat Dari Hati”. With members Imela Sari Kuswantina (vocals), Mochamad Ardhy (guitar), Arief Hartagia Winarto (Bass) and Thomas Aquinas (Drums), the song “Shalawat dari Hati” was released to coincide with the moment of Ramadan 2023.

“Shalawat Dari Hati” is the second religious song from Ten2Five after previously they released a religious song entitled “Cintaku Pada-Nya” ​​which was included in the album “I Love Indonesia” released in 2010.

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Ardhy, the guitarist said that the idea of ​​releasing this religious song actually came suddenly when their band was conducting a workshop on the preparation of plans for their new album, and the moment was also judged to be right in this month of Ramadan.

Imel also said about the theme of the song “Shalawat Dari Hati” which presents the love of Ten2Five members who are Muslims for Rasulullah SAW.

For the production process of this song, Arief said that the process of working on their newest song was fairly fast because it only took 3 days since they came up with the idea for the song “Shalawat Dari Hati”. Even Thomas, who is a non-Muslim, showed great enthusiasm in making this song. Thomas said that the process of making this song was done at the Ten2Five basecamp and went smoothly because of good communication between the members.

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