Yaeji Released Her New Single ‘Passed Me By’ & New Album “With A Hammer”

Yaeji released her new highly anticipated debut album “With A Hammer.” This album is a diaristic ode to self-exploration, facing one’s own emotions and the transformation that is possible if a person is brave enough to do so. 

She also released a new single to accompany her new album called ‘Passed Me By.’ This song will enchant you with a hypnotizing hook and trip-hop drums reminiscent of the early work of 90s K-pop pioneer Seo Taiji.

In ‘Passed Me By’, Yaeji addresses her younger self: “Do you remember your childhood?” she asks in Korean before switching to English: “Do you know that that person is still / Inside you waiting for you to realize it?” 

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On her latest single and album, Yaeji received a positive response from Song Exploder, NY Mag/Pitchfork/Guardian & GQ Korea. She is currently preparing for the launch of her US tour as well as performing at the Coachella Festival.

Yaeji is an American singer, DJ, and producer based in Brooklyn, New York City. Her style blends elements of house music and hip hop with mellow, quiet vocals sung in both English and Korean.


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