Maiya Talks About Love and Compromise in Her Single ‘Bleed For Me’

Maiya Deviatkova (Maiya) released her single ‘Bleed For Me’ via Sinjitos Collective. This new release comes on the heels of her groundbreaking debut, “Touched” released in 2021 with two remixed versions in 2022.  

‘Bleed For Me’ tells the story of compromise and sacrifice in a relationship. Maiya said, “Change is a recipe for progress in the midst of stagnation. On “Bleed For Me,” I ask my partner to compromise and work — as do I — for the good of our relationship. After all, it takes two to tango.”

On “Bleed For Me,” Maiya brings a rich and captivating touch to the dance music scene, with maturity that can be seen in the delivery of vocals and music. Her producer and co-writer Joseph Saryuf (Iyub) argued that this song is a mix of electronic music with soul bass lines, groovy funk and heavy acoustic elements.

For this track, Iyub uses an interesting approach by following Maiya’s maturity as an artist, musician, and storyteller. His music creation process follows Maiya’s vocal character as its basic structure, also an exploration result of comparing Maiya’s vocal color when juxtaposed with different instrumentation on remix versions of her first single.

Maiya also gives an image of the ideal life that many people want, which is featured in her latest Official Music Video for “Bleed for Me”. In this clip, Maiya plays with the light that occasionally dims and brightens, surrounding her with a variety of colors and patterns that seem to highlight her representation of the song and meaning.

The music video of “Bleed for Me” is now available on Maiya’s YouTube channel. In the Music Video, we will see a neat meeting between music and fashion, with a futuristic retro feel and grainy ’70s editing. (

Maiya’s musical journey this year is worth waiting for and paying attention to, including the release of her first EP with out-of-the-box exploration which is planned for this year.

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