Bemandry Tells About A Man Who Is Always Doubted By His Surrounding in “Aku Berharga”

Bemandry is ready to introduce his two newest works at once. The two works are the single “Aku Berharga” which was officially released today, Wednesday (5/4/2023), and also the second book with the title “Kamu Berharga Meski Tidak Jadi Apa-Apa”.

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The single “Aku Berharga” and the book “Kamu Berharga Meski Tidak Jadi Apa-Apa” themselves tell of a person who is always doubted and considered worthless by his surroundings, because the way of life he chooses is not the same as what most people do. During his life he was always underestimated, belittled, even his existence was not considered at all.

Bemandry added, hopefully with the release of the single “Aku Berharga” and the book “Kamu Berharga Meski Tidak Jadi Apa-Apa”, this can become something that can accompany those who are fighting for what they want. In addition, through these two works, Bemandry wants to show that no one outside oneself has the right to label someone as valuable or not valuable in the world.

The song “Aku Berharga” can already be heard on many digital streaming platforms such as Resso, Spotify, Apple Music and many more. In addition, the book “Kamu Berharga Meski Tidak Jadi Apa-Apa” can be found at many Gramedia bookstores throughout Indonesia, and many online bookstores.

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