Sheeka Invites You to Dance and Celebrate Romance on their New Single “Benar-Benar”

Sheeka launched their latest single titled “Benar-Benar.” This song is their third single after their debut on “Hadirmu”(2021). Previously, the song “Hadirmu” tried to tell the sweet and innocent days of love. Now, that story is continued in Sheeka’s latest single, “Benar-Benar”, which was released on all digital streaming platforms.

In their latest work “Benar-Benar”, Sheeka returns to simple love themes and lyrics. It tells the story of a person’s effort to enjoy what they feel in the midst of a drunken romance. Drunkenness isn’t just about joy – sometimes it also makes you dizzy and crazy. The same goes for love, so one of the things to do is to let yourself get lost in the dance and celebrate the happiness.

Sheeka came to introduce themselves as a Pop – Indonesian Energetic Groove music group formed at the end of 2020. This music group consists of 6 members, namely Tyara Ardita (Lead Vocal), Chaeluminati (Bass & Sequencer), Diaz Guntara (Percussion), Ghilang Prassetya (Guitar), Ratih Putria (Synth Keyboard), and Zulfikar Etsa (Drum).

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In the process of making their latest work, each of Sheeka’s personnel plunged again and became involved through their own respective roles. Together, they poured their ideas and creativity into the song “Benar-Benar” to present Sheeka’s colors and characteristics through energetic musical nuances. Sheeka themself has released two previous singles, Hadirmu (2021) and Gala, in the album Ps. Our Sincere Desire (A Tribute To Pure Saturday) (2023).

Unlike before, this time Sheeka chose to use live camera shots to be used as the appearance of the song “Benar-Benar”. They hope that this happy romance will be well conveyed to the hearts of the audience. Sheeka wants to bring listeners closer to energetic music with Indonesian lyrics.


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