Sourmilk Expressed the Feeling of Being Confused About What to Look For in “Different Socks”

Sourmilk is back with their second song, “Different Socks”. The nuances are very close to the guitar and melodies typical of the 90’s era. The vocal sound is thin and sounds lazy but still cool, the constant drum beats occasionally play out of line, the roar of the bass that sounds very precise filling every room makes it a unit that wraps everything up in Different Socks.

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Sourmilk is filled by old names who have been present in the Bali scene, Yudi Septyan (Bass, backing vocals), Noriz Kiki (Drums, backing vocals), Ijlal Faiz (guitar, backing vocals), Jessica (vocals, guitar). 

They have many achievements, such as their first single “Sick Girl” being in the selection of songs from several digital channels curated by SUB POP RECORDS and Spotify. Several times, this song was played on many radio stations in foreign countries, like BBC Radio Ulster (UK), Catalunya Radio (Spain), NPR WNXP (USA) and others. Of course, this is a new way in the digital era that can bring musicians from Bali together, especially with other parts of the world.

“Different Socks” is here to accompany today’s human confusions and provide answers that already exist when we listen to this song casually and a little dreamily and look up.

Enjoy listening to Different Socks on your favorite music channels.

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