Here are 5 Risks You Need to Know If You’re Lazy to Move

A sedentary lifestyle or a lifestyle where a person tends to be lazy to do physical activity or move his body, is becoming a threat nowadays. There are many dangers of inactivity that can threaten the future as a result of that lifestyle.

The development of technology is one of the factors that makes this sedentary lifestyle a habit and is increasingly popular because of technological sophistication that makes everything practical. The Directorate General of Health Services, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia released several long-term effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

4 Risks of Sedentary Lifestyle (Lazy to Move Lifestyle)

Decreasing Concentration

Decreasing concentration can happen when working while sitting for too long. The spine becomes tense so that the lungs cannot expand optimally so that oxygen levels throughout the body are reduced. So, take a little time to walk around or do a little stretching while working.

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Increasing Cardiovascular Risk

Too much sitting, lying down, and lack of activity can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. A study in the United States proved that doing physical activity can reduce the risk of stroke in men by up to 60% and up to 50% in women.

Insulin resistance

The risk of insulin resistance can increase when someone spends about 70% sitting or lying down a day. This condition can be bad because it can increase blood sugar levels which can cause diabetes.

Triggers the Occurrence of Osteoporosis

Another menace can happen is the occurrence of osteoporosis. When someone is too lazy to move, the body will lose muscle mass and make it weak. In addition, calcium from the bones will also be taken up by the body which results in reduced bone density.

Source: CNN

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