Girl and Her Bad Mood (GAHBM) Tells a Story of Someone Who Runs Away from Their Painful Past in “2013/Bluest Year I’ve Been”

Girl and Her Bad Mood (GAHBM), a dream pop music group, released a visualization of the single “2013/Bluest Year I’ve Been” via Youtube on March 19, 2023. This music video has previously been shown to colleagues and the media. Girl and Her Bad Mood through a premiere session which was held in Malang City in early March.

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Muhammad Huda as the director exchanged ideas with GAHBM and told the idea process from their second video clip. There are 4 main elements that stand out from this video clip, namely music, a love story, skateboarding, and the old Honda Civic Nouva Tosca car that colors the daily life of a young man who becomes the main character.

The music video narrated a young man through a routine to escape from a bitter past. Day after day, he lives with doubts until he finds a soul mate who lives in the next town. The woman who became a new goal for him, was able to fill the void in his soul so that he wanted to run towards her. Unfortunately, in the middle of the journey there are many obstacles. Of course the young man’s journey does not stop there, GAHBM listeners can watch it in full on the YouTube channel of the band whose members are Bima Geraldi (guitar/vocals), Daffa Hanafi (guitar), Danang Seloaji (drums), Handy Wandawa ( synth), and Jane Maura (bass/lead vocals).

Handy, a keyboardist from GAHBM, was lined up to be the main character because of his skill at skateboarding which must be shown in several scenes in this video clip. Taking several locations around Malang Raya, this video clip also combines animation and old school video capture with a handycam. GAHBM admitted that there were not too many significant obstacles during the filming process, but the Nouva Tosca vehicle, which was quite old, required extra attention so that it caught the attention of the crew and band members during the shooting of the scene.

The rainy weather also forced one scene to be shot at another location that was not in accordance with the original plan. These various obstacles then paid off in full when the premiere was well received by the audience.

Carrying 5 songs on their latest EP, “Bluest Year I’ve Been”, GAHBM has no plans to visualize 3 other numbers apart from the lead single in the near future. Even so, the band did not rule out making another video clip if they felt there were other suitable and interesting concepts to execute. 


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