4 Recommended Cozy Restaurants for Iftar in Malang

Bukber, or “buka bersama” is a term used in Indonesia to describe the breaking of fast with the closest people during the month of Ramadan. Malang city has many great places to enjoy iftar with family and friends.

Here are 4 recommended Bukber restaurants in Malang:

1.   Javanine Resto

Javanine Resto is a restaurant that provides Javanese dishes as their main menu. Javanine Resto combines the concepts of restaurants and cafes so that it is suitable as a place to eat, meet and hang out.

Although Javanine Resto serves a variety of Javanese dishes, the menu is packaged in a more modern and elegant way. Apart from Javanese dishes, this restaurant also provides other foods such as spaghetti, pizza, and chicken.

Javanine Resto’s location is on the edge of a strategic highway so it’s easy to find. In addition, during the month of Ramadan Javanine Resto presents special menu packages with various types of food.

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2.   Taman Indie Resto

Taman Indie is a restaurant that offers a go-green concept. Even though it is in a residential area, this restaurant is surrounded by green nuances with a rustic design.

Located in Araya City Housing Complex, this restaurant offers a very diverse menu and during the month of Ramadan, Taman Indie Resto provides iftar packages with different menu variants.

3.   Simpang Luwe Cafe & Resto 

This restaurant is a place that is popular with young people and is used as a favorite place to hang out. Besides having a typical cafe atmosphere, the food menu available is also varied at affordable prices.

During Ramadan, Simpang Luwe Cafe & Resto is also busy with visitors who want to break their fast here. This restaurant is located in the Klojen district and offers a variety of rice, chicken, duck and soup menus.

4.   Harmoni Cafe & Resto

Harmoni Cafe & Resto is a restaurant that offers a variety of quality menus ranging from traditional to oriental menus. This restaurant has a cool outdoor atmosphere and is decorated with fish ponds, chandeliers and various ornamental plants. (https://basicbluesnation.com)

This restaurant is the choice of families as a place for breaking the fast along with the atmosphere in this dining area is very comfortable with the harmonization of modern, luxurious, and traditional elements and also various interesting photo spots that are often used by visitors to take pictures.

These are 4 recommended restaurants for breaking your fast in Malang. Don’t forget to make a reservation in advance, because during Ramadan, the restaurant will usually be crowded. 

Source: hipwee.com, CNN indonesia

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