Take a Peek at 4 Iftar Menus for Those Who Are on a Diet!

For those of you that are doing a diet program, fasting is not a hindrance for you to stop your diet program. Fasting actually helps your healthy diet program to be more effective. One thing you can do to keep your diet healthy such as avoiding consuming foods that contain too much oil, fast food, and fried foods. Check out these 4 healthy iftar diet menus that you can try!

  1. Egg Soup

These soup dishes have a savory and delicious taste with simple ingredients. Whisked eggs in the soup with simple spices give a special flavor to this dish. By using processed eggs, tomatoes, green onions, salt, pepper, you can easily make simple healthy diet meals.

  1. Capcay

The next healthy diet menu is capcay. Capcay contains various vegetables that you can add with other ingredients such as eggs, chicken, carrots, sausages or meatballs. Capcay can be processed into soup or dry dishes.

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  1. Food Made of Kale

The next food is from kale. You can cook kale with tomato sauce, tofu, garlic, oyster sauce, or you can add shrimp (optional).

  1. Sayur Bayam

The last food recommendation is Sayur Bayam. This food has high nutrition and is good for the body as well as a balanced nutritional intake. This food has ingredients such as spinach, corn, shallots, and garlic. You don’t need a long time to prepare the following healthy diet food preparations, only about 5 minutes.

So, those are the four healthy diet foods that you can try as a menu for iftar or suhoor during Ramadan.

Source: IDN Times, Brilio Food

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