Pepita Debut with “Tides” As The Original Soundtrack For “Induk Gajah”

Pepita released her debut single on March 24, 2023, titled “Tides under Wonderland Records/Universal Music Indonesia and MD Music. In addition, it is a ballad pop song that’s written by Pepita and her friend, Jasmine Tjong.

“Tides” takes the perspective of meeting someone at the wrong times. Both parties in the relationship knew that it was doomed to fail, therefore they went separate ways. In the end, there’s a chance for them to be together again.

Pepita took the fluctuating metaphor on “Tides”, as it is an ever-changing phenomenon. Furthermore, it symbolizes that in life, there will be some unexpected changes that only the universe knows whether they will meet again with someone or not.

Rendy Pandugo acted as the producer of the song. “Tides” itself is Pepita’s debut single after joining MD Music Indonesia in March 2023. What’s more, it acts as the original single for the Prime series called “Induk Gajah”.

“Tides” is available in every digital streaming platform since March 24, 2023. The official lyric is available at MD Music  and Pepita Official Youtube Channel. 

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About Pepita

Pepita is a newcomer singer from Indonesia. Born in Jakarta, October 2, 1995, Pepita has been interested in music since she was still a kid by playing guitar with her older brother. Growing up, Pepita decided to pursue music education. 

Pepita is also a classically trained Soprano and loves to sing in musical theater. Recently, she’s been touring from the US and Canada with the Tony Award-Winner Broadway Musical, The King and I. 

Moreover, music has been something familiar for Pepita. She believed that everyone was born for something, and for her, she was born for Music. She hoped that her music would be able to connect with the audience and influence them positively with her talents. 

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