Kandiya’s “KISS AND TELL”  and A Story About Friendship

Kandiya is back with her most recent single, “Kiss And Tell.” Kandiya made her solo debut on March 27, 2022, with the release of Run Run Boy, an Alternative Pop single distributed by RENZ Re//cords. She packs Kiss And Tell with music slightly different from her first song.

“Kiss and Tell”, which was co-written by Kandiya and Oyan, is about friendship and the ups and downs that come with it. There are certainly negative aspects of friendship, such as someone who is deceptive in their speech or actions, aside from just how wonderful of friends they are. Because she wants her songs to be “relatable” to her fans, she continues to try to incorporate a “true life story” element into her compositions. Like a phrase in a conversation about how a person is two-faced, this is what Kandiya is trying to include in this song.

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Roland Sadira produced “Kiss And Tell” with a more sophisticated and overtly musical touch. According to Kandiya, she claimed that in “Kiss and Tell”, she felt as assured as she did in the song Run Run Boy, but that she had discovered a sound that fits her and felt musically much more mature in this song.

Kandiya hopes that her song, “Kiss And Tell” will take on a new vibrant hue and provide listeners with uplifting vibes.

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