Tiara Effendy Is Trapped In ‘If You Could Forget’

Tiara Effendy returned with the 6th single of her musical journey, “If I Can Forget” after successfully releasing “Sama Rata” on February 16, 2023. Written by Pika Iskandar and co-produced by Loop Music, “If I Can Forget” is a song about a woman who is trapped in the shadows because she loves too much.

“If I Can Forget” is a collection of Pika Iskandar’s old stories which were eventually included in the song. The lyrics and meaning of the song are very deep, wrapped in melodies and the feel of a 2000s pop ballad song.

“I made this song with lyrics and melodies inspired by many Pop Ballad songs in 2000 because I liked the sad songs of that year. Like songs from Mandy Moore, M2M, Boyz II Men, N’Sync, and many more, they became the inspiration and are also suitable for the lyrics of the song ‘If I Can Forget’ sung by Tiara,” said Pika Iskandar as the writer of the song.

Tiara was happy when “If I Could Forget” was released because 2023 will be her productive year. Tiara usually releases one song a year, but this time she is able to release several songs in a relatively short amount of time.

“I’m really happy because usually I release a song once every year. This time, less than a month after the release of the single ‘Sama Rata’, I recorded again and finally released the song ‘If I Can Forget’. I feel really happy because someone cares and helps me, especially during production. It feels really good to be productive with the help of Loop Music friends,” said Tiara Effendy.

Tiara Effendy did not encounter many difficulties during the recording process of ‘If I Can Forget’. With the help of Nurul Rahayu Purnamasari or Kak Ayu as the Vocal Director, everything was also able to run very smoothly.

During the recording of Tiara Effendy’s 6th single “If I Could Forget”, an interesting event occurred which reminded Tiara of the past. This occurred as she explored the meaning of the lyrics while recording, and those feelings only deepened while he was recording the single.

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