Idgitaf Tells About Meeting and Parting in “Dermaga”

Idgitaf released her new song “Dermaga”, the second song on her debut album which talks about meeting and parting. Idgitaf defines “Dermaga” as a place to halt, an anchoring, a location for things to come in and out of a ship like a human being with times of meeting and parting that occur at various stages of life.

Idgitaf sees the pier as similar to humans. We can’t ask people to come and go from our lives because these two things are difficult. In contrast to Idgitaf’s earlier songs, which were cheerful and joyful, “Dermaga” is a song that is extremely different. The mood of the song “Dermaga” is gloomy and dark, and the sparse piano backdrop amplifies it. This is challenging for her because it’s the first time she tried writing a melancholy song like “Dermaga”

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Ibnu Dian (Matter Halo) worked as Idgitaf’s sole producer, and Dimas Pradipta handled the mixing and mastering. Idgitaf also actively worked in other processes, such as writing the lyrics. Idgitaf, who previously published the EP “Semoga Sembuh” and the single “Satu-Satu,” will release her debut album in the middle of the year.

Idgitaf hoped that her music listeners would understand the message in the song “Dermaga” and bring a closer bonding between her and her music listeners. For her, the main purpose of music is the messages in the songs, and the songs can be friends for the listeners. She wanted her music to become a companion in listeners’ daily lives rather than just a showcase of his musicality and ability to write lyrics.

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