TheOvertunes and Idgitaf Narrate the Struggle of Long Distance Relationship in “Benar-Benar”

TheOvertunes continue their career as an independent band by writing another song, “Benar-Benar ” with Idgitaf, following the release of their most recent single entitled  “Write Me Another Song” at the beginning of 2022. This 2nd single and untitled 3rd album from TheOvertunes was published on September 2nd, 2022, on all digital platforms by ToV Records. TheOvertunes consists of Mada Emanuelle (bass, vocals), Reuben Nathaniel (guitar, vocals), and Mikha Angelo (vocals, guitar).

“Benar-Benar” carries on the spirit of the previous single by combining the essential guitar work of TheOvertunes with a hint of folk-pop. This time, there are more choir harmonies present, powerful drum beats, and Idgitaf’s vocals. Mikha imagined having to separate two lovers when he created this song 5 years ago. (Xanax) He explained that they were apart due to work or college. Idgitaf’s voice brought the narrative to life and provided a sound representation of another viewpoint.

The lyrics are expertly wrapped in lovely aesthetic diction, capturing the conversation of two people filled with doubt and a sense of longing. When the two characters keep questioning each other,  there is a sense of fear in the words “Tapi ku perlu tahu, apa kau benar-benar cinta padaku?” (But I have to know, do you truly love me?). Mikha discussed another worry which is being afraid to contact someone that you haven’t seen in a while in the lyrics “Ku tak perlu bicara, hanya ingin dengar suaramu, aku rindu” (I don’t need to speak, I just need to hear your voice, I miss you).

The production was done identically with incorporating the concept of long-distance relationships (LDR). Idgitaf used online meetings to create the voice arrangements. Idgitaf and TheOvertunes only had a production-related meeting during the recording session. Since Mikha, Reuben, and Mada knew exactly how the song would sound as soon as it was composed, the song  production overall went pretty quickly.

It seems that TheOvertunes is determined to continue creating songs with meaningful narratives. It is the idea behind their 3rd album, which will be released soon. Although the album may not be available right now, it is sure that two extended plays (EPs) will be published soon.


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