Charlotte Sands Viral Single “Dress” Hits 35 Million Global Streams

Charlotte Sands, the queen of angsty pop/rock, has bagged 35 million global streams for her popular song “Dress.” Sands leaked the song she wrote about Harry Styles wearing a dress on the Vogue cover in November of 2020. Within hours, thousands of listeners all over the world turned the song into an anthem of inclusivity and self-expression.

“Dress is a song about self expression and the confidence it takes to be your authentic self today’s society,” says Charlotte. “We wrote this song hoping it would start more conversations about gender norms while also feeling like a celebration of each other’s differences.  I hope when people listen they feel seen and I hope it gives them the boost of confidence to dress the way they want to and be the person that they are despite judgement or criticism.  As an artist, I am so lucky I get to express myself everyday for a living and I think everyone deserves that freedom.”

“Dress” was featured on a four-song EP by Charlotte that featured various renditions of the song, including a Dance remix with Avedon, an acoustic version, and a Heavy version.

Sands dropped 7 singles from her bedroom in lockdown. Alternative Press named her one of “11 rising artists who fine-tuned their sound.”  Spotify chose her for the cover of their year-end playlist, Fresh Finds: Best of Pop 2020 – her catalog amassing over 80 Million Global Streams. Sands takes very seriously her personal aim to “provide a safe atmosphere for people to be accepted and embraced for their quirkiness and diversity.”


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