ADA Band Shows the Hidden Side of Human in “Kencan Rahasia”

ADA Band released “Kencan Rahasia” after they released “Kenalan Dulu Aja” in 2022. This song is presented in the Pop/Rock Alternative genre which has Alternative Rock Vibes of the 70’s/90’s.

“Kencan Rahasia” is based on a story in a relationship or “Kencan Rahasia” between a secret admirer and someone who already has a partner. This song conveys the hidden wild side of every human being that sometimes has things that feel impossible to happen.

Dika said that he spent 1 week working on the initial idea from Naga to remake his song “Kencan Rahasia”. Starting with finding the right tempo to sing, to spontaneous song recording that results in a new version of “Kencan Rahasia” that is more energetic, interesting but still comfortable to listen to.

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During the making of the song “Kencan Rahasia”, it was filled with spontaneity and a very attractive composition. The tempo of the song was lowered quite a lot from the previous version, but the mood is getting up so it sounds more exciting. The graphics from the beginning of the song seemed to rise slowly to a climax at the end of the song, and Naga found his voice character was more rocky, especially at the end of the song.

“Kencan Rahasia” is already out on every digital streaming platform. ADA Band is a music group from Jakarta which was formed on November 18, 1996. It consists of Naga, Dika, Marshal, and Adhy. ADA Band officially introduces new vocalist Naga, who was previously vocalist Lyla, to continue Donnie who left.

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