ADA BAND Showed Urban Youth Love in “Kenalan Dulu Aja”

ADA BAND released a new single entitled “Kenalan Dulu Aja” on October 26, 2022. Their latest single wanted to refresh the genre by using Pop R&B/Soul/Funk/Disco and the inspiration of Vibes Dance music 80’s / 90’s with the story of urban youth love. 

“Kenalan Dulu Aja was different from the previous song in ADA BAND, but it didn’t leave the theme of love in the song. This time ADA BAND conveyed it with the mood/vibes of ADA BAND’s dance music and packaging that is much younger/fresh,” said Dika. 

The song making process itself took approximately 1 week. This was the first time ADA BAND had created a song with “Jamming”, where all personnel were involved in the process of creative ideas for the song. Starting from Naga, Marshal, and Adhy who wanted to make a beat song. They made notes, chord progressions, and beats together, while Dika completed the final. Irfan Chasmala was the keyboard synthesizer who helped in the production of this song.

During the process of making the song, Dika spent all night to make the song sound sexier and the Bass pattern that invites listeners to “dance”. Marshal was required to find the lead guitar notation that makes the atmosphere change to rock & guitar riff. Naga found a fresh vocal character in the song and Adhy looked for the right drum beat to make this song greater.

“Hopefully, this song will be more interesting to the public and the members of ADA BAND will also be increasingly known by all levels of society & their respective personnel”, continued Dika.


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