Kamal. New Song “Free Flow”, About Adoration and Insecurity

Kamal. announced his brand new mixtape “so here you are, drowning” which was released on March 17th, 2023. In addition, the upcoming mixtape will be followed with Kamal. new song from the mixtape, “Free Flow”. 

“Free Flow” elaborates on the extreme emotion you felt during the first date. In the meantime, you keep wondering where you stand, how you paint a picture of yourself and let it be as vulnerable as you could. 

““Free Flow” is a reflection on extremes in the early stages of a relationship; delicately positioned between excessive displays of adoration and deep insecurity.  The media’s depiction of stick & poke tattoos is a symbol of this intensity, and its permanent effects,” said Kamal..

Kamal.’s new music is proof of his lyrical development. His “nowhere to hide” is filled with bitterness and notions of fulfillment and materialism. Whereas for “so here you are, drowning” it was filled with tension of vulnerability and codependency in a relationship. The title was inspired from Caleb Azuma Nelson’s notorious work “Open Water”.

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Kamal. collaborated with Brit-Awards winner rapper Dave in working on this mixtape. Earlier this year, Kamal. released “essential” that managed to garner 800k streams in 3 weeks. The song has become Kamal.’s fastest streamed song to date. J Moon acts as the producer of this sentimental yet romantic song.

Furthermore, Kamal.’s music revolves around highs and lows of life. Lyrical-wise, it spans around romantic relationships, seclusion of your own mind, repetitive and mundane life and even anxiety. Kamal. proves himself to be able to relate with the audience and an excellent storyteller

Kamal. new song “Free Flow” is already available in every digital streaming platform. You can also watch the official video in here

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