Nadine Fatiana Expresses Loyal Friendship in “All The Way Up”

Nadine Fatiana introduced her latest work “All The Way Up”. After previously releasing “If Tomorrow We Have to Fall Apart” where Nadine experimented with warm shades of orange and red, in “All The Way Up” she returned to the colors and shades of blue that have always appeared since her first debut song.

Nadine explained that before deciding the color of the dominating element, there was already a consideration and research. Blue gives the impression of calm and also loyalty which is still related to the theme of friendship in this song. 

The song “All The Way Up” was inspired by her story of entering high school. Nadine confessed that she got the idea from her friends in high school to make a song about friendship. This song is 3 minutes and 9 seconds long, starting with the intro groovy and easily digestible melodies.  

Nadine said, “I think it is a brilliant idea, because none of my songs have been devoted to telling about my friends at school. So, the inspiration was based on the first time I walked through the high school gates. (Alprazolam) When I met new friends, who were all shy at first, then over time mingled as one.”

Nadine’s experience of meeting new figures later filling her days becomes easy for her to create masterpieces. Behind the song, there is a message to stick together in good times and bad, because true friends will always be supported no matter the situation. 

Derry Rith Haudin with his reliable hands created the composition and production of this song in collaboration with Nadine Fatiana. Meanwhile, Mahatamtama plays a role in processing, mixing and mastering. Shades of R&B and light-pop mixed with vocals from Nadine and a touch of saxophone is enough to make this song sound more majestic.

Becoming the 4th single in her entire career since 2021, Nadine admits that she enjoys her work and she hopes that everyone can enjoy this song, more specifically, friends, seniors, to arts and culture teachers at where Nadine went to school also provided positive support and encouraged her to continue work. 

Therefore, Nadine still has many targets she wants to achieve in 2023, including releasing an EP to go on tour. Moreover, Nadine and the team also prepared a video clip. Nadine said that because this song still has R&B vibes, she and the team will choose the appropriate concept and currently the concept is still in the development process. 

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