Krisna Presents Sweet and Meaningful Prose in “EP. Prosa Liris”

Krisna, a musician from Jakarta, is ready to greet music lovers in Indonesia through an EP entitled “Prosa Liris”. “Prosa Liris” is an essay by Krisna which contains the rhythm of poetry in it. Almost all of the lyrics in it talk about love and optimism. In his own writing, Krisna is much inspired by the figures of Arswendo Atmowiloto, Rendra, Nietzsche, and Albert Camus. As for sound design selection, Krisna tries to return to the 70’s feel by using analog elements in each of his songs.

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In this EP, Krisna presents different genres in it, among them, disco, folks, to ballads. Krisna stated that he did not want to be compartmentalized by certain genres as a musician. ‘Pelipur Lara’ is the song chosen by Krisna to be used as a single on this EP. Telling the story of a person’s meeting with a figure who will comfort his heart, Krisna devotes the story with poetic lyrics and sweet music.

Not only released as a single, ‘Pelipur Lara’ also comes in the form of a music video. In this music video, Krisna involves Aghniny Haque who acts as a visualization of his “Solace”. This is certainly a new challenge for musicians who were previously more familiar with behind-the-scenes performances than having to appear in front of the camera, especially with the presence of Aghniny Haque.

Krisna has actually been involved in the music industry for a long time as a producer for other musicians, such as Tissa Biani, Vionita Sihombing, Amanda Manopo, Axl Ramanda to Dul Jaelani. As a musician, Krisna does not want to be known as a superstar or famous star. He wants to be known as an ordinary person so that his music listeners can be friends with him without any restrictions.

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