Jordan Susanto Celebrate the Release of His New Single “Still Drunk At Three Burns”

Jordan Susanto collaborated with Three Buns (Part of the Potato Head Family) to hold a showcase with the theme “Still Drunk at Three Buns” which also starred Farrell Hilal some time ago. This showcase was held a month after the release of the song “Still Drunk”. This collaboration seeks to revive an authentic Soul/R&B music scene in Jakarta. The three event organizers have succeeded in making full places for both seated and standing spectators. However, all the visitors clearly didn’t mind standing up and dancing happily because the event was so exciting.

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“Still Drunk at Three Buns” was held live at Three Buns Senopati, an area that can be said to be the heart of today’s live music entertainment in the capital. In addition to Three Buns’ expertise in making quality burgers, Three Buns is also a hub to support and build a local creative community. Three Buns’ collaboration with two up-and-coming musicians, namely Jordan Susanto and Farrell Hilal, aims to build a community for the Soul/R&B music scene as well as market the genre.

The “Still Drunk at Three Buns” event began with the appearance of Farrell Hilal, a singer who is already familiar with the Jakarta music scene. This time Farrell Hilal performed songs such as “2020” (surprise guest: Abraham Kevin), “Glad”, “Something Called Love” (with Harvey Christo as guest star) and also “Cinta Abadi” (with Noni as guest star). 

Jordan Susanto released “Still Drunk” on February 5, 2023. Apart from this song, Jordan Susanto also performed unreleased songs or songs that had never been released before. He announced midway through his set that the original songs he was performing were part of an upcoming album. Jordan also performed the songs “Hallelujah, I Love Her So” (a Ray Charles song rearranged by him), and “It’s Your Thing” (The Isley Brothers song; with Jamie Aditya as guest star). Jordan Susanto has a musical characteristic based on Soul/R&B music from the 1960s to 1990s with the influence of a fresher and more modern production style. Accompanied by his flagship band, The Soul N’ Rollers, Jordan Susanto has succeeded in entertaining the audience with a style that has never existed before in the local music scene.

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