Gangga, Teddy Adhitya and Voxxes perform in HIDDEN JUICE Thailand

Gangga, Teddy Adhitya and Voxxes are the three Indonesian musicians that performed in the HIDDEN JUICE event in Thailand. The event was held in Mutual bar, Bangkok. Their performance managed to garner a new audience from Thailand.

The performance was an early celebration from  a series of collaborations between tap projects and Juicey Records. Moreover, HIDDEN JUICE managed to give a positive reaction and also a good impression towards the participating musicians.

“It was a joy to be able to collaborate with Juicey and their musicians. This collective event was created with an independent spirit and obviously supporting each other to build a synergic ecosystem, “ said Anya Anggarda as the CEO of tap projects. In addition, Anya Anggarda hoped that this will push more collaborations in Southeast Asia further. 

The subtitle from HIDDEN JUICE itself is “Fresh artist from Indonesia, first time vibing in Bangkok”. While it only includes three Indonesian musicians, there are warm surprises during the event. In this case, a collab between Juicey musicians and Indonesian musicians 

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The collaborations that happen are Teddy Adhitya with Jaymeen, Voxxes with TELEx TELEX and lastly, Gangga paired with HYBS.

“It was exhilarating to finally perform in Bangkok for the first time. I’m also excited because a lot of people in Bangkok were listening to my song and joined the event. The intimate feeling from performing is also priceless. Warm welcome from Juicey friend is also what made it even more awesome, especially Jaymeen that collab with me at In The Wonderland” said Teddy Adhitya

Juicey and tap project collaborations of course not only serve as a good time. Both parties hoped to expand their connection through each other. They will also support each other without a doubt by helping the promotion to gain further audience reach in the future.

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