TuneCore Hosts “IndieAF” to Make Independent Musicians’ Dreams Come True

TuneCore held the “IndieAF” event which gathered music fans, music activists, and businesspeople from the music industry. One of the leading digital music distributors for artists who released independently on Sunday, March 19, 2023 yesterday. “IndieAF” is launched with the goal of getting Indonesian musicians to perform at international events. The concept of this event combines music performance, workshops, and networking.

The event started at Mbloc Space at noon with a workshop hosted by music business activists ranging from digital streaming to music media. In this event, TuneCore introduced one of its newest features, SPLITS. The SPLITS feature allows TuneCore artists to split royalty payments from their streaming and download revenue between all collaborators on any song or album.

Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TuneCore said that the purpose of this feature is to make the lives of their artists easier so they can focus on making music. With SPLITS, TuneCore artists can spend more time making good music and less time accounting.

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After the Press Conference and Workshop, there were performances from TuneCore artists including Barasuara, Kenny Gabriel, “The Playground Live Session” and High Therapy. Then, each of them presented performances of their hits released under TuneCore. Such as Barasuara with his latest single “Merayakan Fana”, Kenny Gabriel with “Grapevine” who collaborated with two talented newcomers named Jelita and Kara Chenoa, and High Therapy with their flagship song “Bend Down”. Their performance successfully hypnotized the audience with their uniqueness.

Through this event, TuneCore hopes to help maximize the career development of independent musicians in Indonesia and abroad. As said by Andi Arya Dwi Putra, the Country Coordinator of TuneCore Indonesia, TuneCore would be very happy to help artists become part of their career development as well as provide education and communicate directly with these musicians.

Gian Hashemi as TuneCore Ambassador Indonesia also said he hoped that with “IndieAF” musicians would have a platform to develop their careers and obtain information for a better direction.

In the future, TuneCore wants more and more musicians to release their extraordinary works and remain independent in their music with TuneCore.

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