Happy 109th Anniversary Malang! Here are 4 Facts About Malang City You Might Not Know

Malang is a city located in East Java, Indonesia. The region has a beautiful atmosphere, cool air, and a wide variety of stunning natural scenery. Malang was founded on 1 April 1914 or about 109 years ago. Facts are every year, on the day it was founded, the government and its community celebrate the anniversary of Malang city. To celebrate the anniversary, here’s some more facts about Malang city that you might not know.

  1. The Swiss of Indonesia

Malang is a city that is surrounded by many beautiful mountains. Such as Arjuno Mountain, Semeru Mountain and Bromo Mountain. The scenery in that place is said to be like the beauty of another world. Not only that, the city is also said to have a gorgeous arrangement just like that of Switzerland. It is not a mistake to say that malang is called Switzerland van Java.

  1. City of Education

Other than being called the city of apple or the Swiss of Indonesia, Malang is also a city of education. That is because there are more than 50 universities there, with more than 300.000 students coming from all around indonesia and other countries to study here.

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  1. Boso Walikan

Indonesia is a country with diverse culture and many languages. Malang also has its own unique languages. Normally, people throughout East Java use the same regional language. However, there is a unique dialect special to Malang people called Boso Walikan. This dialect reverses the order of words that are usually said. Malang people use this dialect as a secret code so their conversation cant be understood easily by others. 

  1. A Historical Treasure

Currently, many places in the world have gone through industrialization. A lot of their city’s original history has been replaced to fit a modern theme. However, Malang is a place where the city incorporated history into its architecture. Many of the original buildings making the city’s history are still standing such as Candi Badut, Candi Singosari, Candi Jago and many others.

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