Malang City Government Officially Launches Logo for the 109th Anniversary of Malang City

Malang City government formally launched The 109th Anniversary Logo of Malang City. This logo was launched by Malang Mayor Sujiati on March 2, 2023, at an event “Launching and Awarding of the 109th Anniversary of Malang City” at the Malang Creative Center (MCC), Malang City. Malang 109th Anniversary will take place on April 1, 2023. 

Sutiaji also gave a present directly to the winner of the logo contest. The projected logo must convey the design’s independent, strong, and sustainable attitude. Furthermore, as the mascots of the city of Malang, Osi and JI were in line with the city’s slogan of soul and spirit.

This logo’s design contains a unique philosophy. The color blue in the number 109 strengthens the character’s color and iconic identity and reflects Malang’s age. The design of the number “0” describes the shape of a variety of stones and roughness, but can be united and balanced into a powerful and stable arrangement. The gesture of the Malang City mascot, “Osiji,” which resembles a high five and clenching of the other hands, shows independence, collaboration, and teamwork. The writing of “Kota Malang, Mandiri, Tangguh, dan Berkelanjutan” highlights the city’s identity and the themes raised in this 109th anniversary.

The contest for the creation of a logo began in January 2023, and it involved an expert jury. The 109th Malang City Anniversary Logo had a collaborative evaluation process that included academics, creative designers, and members of the community.

Residents and students in Malang City were excited about the logo design competition, as seen by the large number of portfolios submitted to the 109 selected designers who participated in this competition. The 109th Anniversary of Malang City logo was won by Fauzan Zahran.

This competition’s stages are as follows: announcement process, administrative and portfolio selection, technical meeting, design process by 109 selected designers, design judging, and presentations by the top five nominees.

source: Malang Times ID, Official Instagram of Pemkot Malang


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