Malang City Government Launched Regional Tax Administrative Sanctions Elimination Program

In commemoration of Malang City’s 109th Anniversary, the Malang City Government together with the Regional Revenue Agency (Badan Pendapatan Daerah) held a program to eliminate regional tax administrative sanctions, which take place April 1st – 30th 2023.

There are several conditions and procedures for submitting online, including:

1. Download the application form on the website

2. Scan the completed form, along with the completeness of the requirements in PDF format

3. Confirm via whatsapp call center: 08113135586

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This program covers two categories, which are: Land and Building Tax (arrears for the 1994 tax period to 2022) and Non-Plant Land and Building Tax (arrears for tax periods from January 1998 to December 2022).

For Land and Building Tax, the requirements that need to be prepared are an application form, KTP and SPPT PBB. As for Non-Plant Land and Building Tax, applicants need to prepare an application form, KTP and NPWPD.

For more information, visit Malang City Government in Instagram @PemkotMalang and Twitter @PemkotMalang.

Source: Instagram and Twitter @PemkotMalang

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