It’s Not About Covid, Here Is The History Of Global Work From Home Day

Work From Home day or WFH is celebrated Internationally on April 10 each year. It turns out that WFH or remote work is nothing new, this was done long before the occurrence of Covid-19 and even existed long before the digital era. (

However, the industrial revolution saw that working collectively in offices, warehouses and other places made it seem as if working remotely was not normal. Waking up early and going to work to spend about 9 hours has become a habit that is considered normal.

The industrial revolution created the need for offices so that people started leaving the comforts of their homes to work. Each transition comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and it turns out that working from home has more advantages than disadvantages.

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The main purpose of holding this International Work From Home day is to highlight freedom and discipline. With this International Work From Home day, it can provide an opportunity to normalize remote working again.

Today is the perfect day to know and practice how good working from home is. When working from home as a job, responsibility must be upheld.

For those of you who have never done remote working or work from home, this International Work From Home day can give you a new perspective on how much fun it is to do remote working especially from your home. Working from home also highlights the freedom, discipline and responsibility needed to make working from home a job.

Source: National Today

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