Medan’s Waste Management Innovation: Sanitary Landfill to be Completed in March 2023

Medan City government decided to abandon the open dumping method and began to switch to the controlled landfill method under the leadership of Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution. The Medan City Government ensures that it will continue to improve the waste management system with environmentally friendly technology, especially at the Disposal/Final Processing Site (TPA) location.

Sanitary landfill is a designated area for the disposal of solid waste in a controlled and sanitary manner to minimize environmental and health impacts. This method requires clay soil to be prepared as a layer so that wastewater does not absorb directly into the ground, causing soil pollution. Sanitary landfills are engineered facilities that are designed to meet strict environmental and public health regulations to ensure that the waste is disposed of safely and efficiently.

Not only Disposal/Final Processing Site (TPA) in Medan Marelan District, the Medan City Government has also added a final waste processing site in Talun Kenas Village, Deli Serdang Regency. TPA Talun Kenas is the result of a collaboration between the City Government and the Provincial Government of North Sumatra and the Deli Serdang Regency Government. The Medan City Government continues to improve its final waste management by using the sanitary landfill method. The landfill, which applies the sanitary landfill method, is being built near the Falls TPA in Medan Marelan District and is scheduled for completion in March 2023.

“This March, a new TPA using the sanitary landfill method will be completed. This is progress in waste management in Medan,” said the Head of the Medan Environmental Service, Suryadi Panjaitan.

Overall, the establishment of a sanitary landfill TPA in Medan City is a step in the right direction towards more sustainable waste management practices. It can contribute to the protection of the environment and the health of the community. The establishment of a sanitary landfill TPA in Medan City is a positive development as it provides a more sustainable solution to the management of solid waste in the area. It can help reduce the environmental impact of the waste on the surrounding community, including air pollution, water pollution, and soil contamination.

Proper waste management is crucial for the health and well-being of a community. Also, the establishment of a sanitary landfill is a positive step towards ensuring that waste is handled properly in Medan City. However, it’s important to note that the success of the TPA will depend on several factors, such as proper waste management practices, regular monitoring, and maintenance. Also, it’s crucial to educate the public on the importance of proper waste disposal and segregation to reduce the volume of waste sent to the TPA. 

Source: Sumut Pos, Harian SIB


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