“Like & Share” won Best Picture and Grand Prix in Osaka Asian Film Festival

“Like & Share” directed by Gina S Noer got the Best Film (Best Picture Category) and won the Grand Prix at Osaka Asian Film Festival. The movie, starring Aurora Ribero and Arawinda Kirana, is the only Indonesian film in the event. It competed with 14 other films from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Georgia and Thailand for the Grand Prix and Most Promising Talent Award.

The originality of the movie and its powerful messages left the jury impressed. All of them commented about how well it keeps the viewer engaged. As the first half of the movie captivated the audiences with its sweet feeling. However, as the story progresses, it slowly turns dark that leaves the viewers shaking in their boots. “Like and Share” truly deserve to won the Grand Prix.

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“Like & Share” tells the story of two friends named Regina Lisa (Aurora Ribero) and Sarah (Arawinda Kirana) who often create ASMR content to upload to YouTube. However, Lisa’s mother forbids her daughter to do this hobby until something bad happens. 

Through this film, Gina tries to raise the issue of sexual violence that is still considered taboo by society, by presenting visuals that are cheerful and feminine. This teen drama film has already aired in a number of theaters in Indonesia on 8 December 2022. Yet, due to its positive reviews and popularity, “Like & Share” is rumored to be aired again on Netflix on 27 April 2023.

Source : IDNTimes, Kompas.com

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