LinkedIn new ways to verify your identity and employment for free

LinkedIn is implementing additional methods for confirming your identity and place of employment. LinkedIn’s new verification procedures do not involve purchasing a subscription or applying blue checkmarks, in contrast to Twitter and Facebook.The business is collaborating with CLEAR, a safe identification platform, to offer LinkedIn users in the US verification. 

From this month, LinkedIn users have the option to showcase on their profiles that they have successfully verified their identity with CLEAR using a government-issued ID and phone number. Upon verification, visitors to their profile will notice a checkmark next to a “Government ID” banner, indicating that the user’s government ID has been verified.

LinkedIn users on the other part of the world also have the option to verify where they work with their company email. To do the verification process, users will need to enter a unique code sent to their company email address. It’s worth noting that this feature currently supports over 4,000 companies on the platform, with plans for expansion to more companies in the future.

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Another thing to note, LinkedIn has joined forces with Microsoft to offer organizations the ability to utilize the Microsoft Entra Verified ID platform, which will provide eligible users with free digital workplace IDs. This new option is scheduled to be rolled out by the end of this month and is expected to be available to numerous participating companies, benefiting over two million LinkedIn members.

Last autumn, LinkedIn introduced ways to verify your phone number and email address. However, it’s worth to note that these two verification options wouldn’t be displayed on your profile with badges. Unlike the newly announced options which are prominently showcased on user profiles.

Source : Techcrunch

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