MD Music Releases WeTV Original Soundtrack “TILIK” The Series

MD Musik Indonesia released the WeTV Original Soundtrack “TILIK The Series” to fill the excitement of the story. Adapted from an Indonesian short film in Javanese that went viral on YouTube in September 2018. MD Entertainment then picked up and announced it was becoming a series.

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Participating as Tari in this series, Dyah Novia is also entrusted to fill in the WeTV Original Soundtrack “TILIK The Series” titled ‘Sandal Jepit Abang’. If interpreted, ‘Sandal Jepit Abang’ means red flip-flops that depict the spirit of a woman. Dyah Novia is one of the characters who voices this spirit. She is completely in line with the spirit of Bu Tejo (Siti Fauziah). Apart from that, there is also another song that became the WeTV Original Soundtrack “TILIK The Series” titled ‘Ning Kene Dina Iki’. This song comes in two versions, namely the dangdut version and the campursari version. The dangdut version was sung by Prigel Pangayu Anjarwening. Meanwhile the campursari version was sung by Tegar Dyon Muhammad.

Directed by Wahyu Agung Prasetyo, WeTV Original “TILIK The Series” tells the story of Mrs. Tejo (Siti Fauziah). She becomes the head of the village head election success team for her husband who wants to run for office. Bu Tejo also had to face quite a difficult situation during the campaign period. This difficulty arose because she had to find a way to fight for her vision. This must be done by Bu Tejo without having to sacrifice her identity as a leader, wife, mother, and part of the village community that she is proud of.

WeTV Original Soundtrack “TILIK The Series” can be heard starting April 7, 2023. It can be on all digital streaming platforms and MD Music’s YouTube channel 

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