Yasha Describes the Story of Manipulation in Her New Single “Better”

Yasha finally released her debut single titled ‘Better’. ‘Better’ is a song about manipulation. Yasha tells the story of a couple whose relationship is disrupted when a stranger manipulates one of the couple’s parties. 

This single is very special for Yasha because not only is it the first single she released, but she also gets full support from family, friends and from many people he knows in the media. She said “I’m really happy and relieved that this single was finally released because I’ve been making this single for a long time.”

Although the theme is about manipulation, Yasha actually inserts a hopeless romantic story in it. When someone experiences the feeling of hopeless romance, that’s when they believe in true love, it makes them someone who is able to justify all means to maintain their love, whether it’s negative or positive.

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Through this song, Yasha hoped that many people would like and relate to the story that she presented here. She is also preparing new ballad singles and some upbeat singles for her next album.

For this debut single, Yasha was assisted by Samuel Christian Wijaya as Producer as well as the Mixing process of the song. Currently, ‘Better’ can be heard on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia.

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