Gabe Watkins Tells About Longing and Relationships in “Choose U Everytime”

Gabe Watkins, a Thai-Australian singer-songwriter, released a new single entitled “Choose U Everytime” which describes the emotions of longing and the ups and downs of a relationship. He said that he wrote this song at the end of 2020, so it’s definitely been a long time coming.

This new song from Gabe “Choose U Everytime” became his most intimate and personal song this far. It tells how Gabe would choose the same person every time if he was given the chance to repeat his relationship. 

Gabe hopes that his listeners who are experiencing the same emotional problems can find comfort from this song. He also believes that relationships hurt too and he finds that in itself beautiful.

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Gabe Watkins also known as the newest solo artist from What The Duck. Quickly, Gabe rose through the ranks of the indie-pop industry that continues to grow and make waves in Asian regions such as Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and South Korea.

With soothing vocals and soft beats to his songs, Gabe has a knack for writing music that makes listeners feel as if they want to drive by the ocean when they hear his songs.

Previously, Gabe had released two songs titled “One Summer” and “Blue Skies” last year. His first single was released with “What The Duck” in August last year with the title “Flowers From Japan”. (

Now, you can enjoy “Choose U Everytime” on your favorite music platform

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