Alma Thania Gives Guidance for Anyone Who Face Complicated Problems Through “Hati Yang Terang”

Alma Thania was given a challenge by Pongki Barata and the Multimas Label Party Production to sing the song “Hati Yang Terang”

This is because Alma Thania’s character is suitable for the song especially Alma’s age can represent today’s generation so that these younger generations have “guidelines” when they will be making a crucial decision in their life.

First written by Pongki Barata in 2010, this song was inspired by the true story of the life experiences of Pongki Barata’s colleagues who work in an agency that demands correct decision-making because it involves justice for many people.

This song tells us about how someone has to make difficult decisions that will affect their lives later. To help translate the song in this era, the Multimas Production Label is collaborating with actor Aming Sugandhi who is already known to the public as an actor who has strong character.

Apart from Pongki Barata as a writer, he is also assisted by Tommy Widodo and Christian as producers, Irfan Nat as Vocal Director and Tono Wisnoe as Video Director.

It is hoped that this song can be a guide for anyone who is facing complicated problems and has to make choices in life.

Hati Yang Terang” is now available on all digital streaming platforms and the music video can be watched on the Pongki Barata Songs YouTube channel. 

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