SHELLIN’s Anger and Disgust Through Their New Single “Wajah”

SHELLIN is back again with a new single titled ‘Wajah’ after a year of no music. This single will mark their comeback to the country’s music industry and is the 4th installment in the “Tanah Terik Untuk Berdiri dan Mati” campaign leading up to their second album.

The story of ‘Wajah’ itself is based on the unrest of the personnel and their close friends. Where they feel fed up with an environment that is unable to understand them, an environment that is only able to provide criticism, nonsense advice, and feel the most right without knowing each other’s conditions to trigger feelings of humiliation, disgust and anger, this is what finally triggers the birth of the single ‘Wajah’

This Alternative/Modern Rock Band from Malang, that consists of 4 young people, M. Fitryan Al-Fajri (Abo) on Vocal & Guitar, Dwiky Rifandiant (Dwiky) on Guitar, Rifqy Izzatul (Rifqy) on Keyboard & Synthesizer, and Gesang Priya Pamungkas (Icang) on Drums, all of them hoped to deliver their anger and resentments through this single. 

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The interesting thing about this single is that SHELLIN does not perform ‘Wajah’ alone, they collaborate with Dheka Satria or famously called Dugong. Dugong’s characteristic heavy voice adds to the Industrial feel of Rammstein, Architects, Nine Inch Nails, and Ghostmane. 

In addition, which adds to the uniqueness of this single, for Mixing and Mastering matters are worked directly by the vocalist, Abo. SHELLIN itself is also still consistent with its electronic rock nuances and music that is rich in Sound Scape.

Currently SHELLIN‘s new single ‘wajah’ can be heard on all Indonesia’s streaming platforms.

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