OKAAY Gives a New Nuance in Remake Single “Posesif”

OKAAY brought back one of NAIF’s legendary singles, entitled “Posesif” with their new version. The reason OKAAY chose this song to be remade and officially released by them isn’t something unplanned. 

The song “Posesif” became a song that OKAAY used to sing frequently when they were still performing at bars. Okin said that this song was very iconic for them and became one of their favorite songs that they often sang before. He also said that they also did not expect to get the opportunity to remake this song. (fii-institute)

OKAAY’s seriousness in remaking “Posesif ” was proven when they asked permission from Pepenk, the songwriter who apparently also follows their musical developments. Nicky Kay said that they were very happy and proud because they had full trust and support from Pepenk to remake this song.

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In the process of making the single “Posesif” with a touch of OKAAY, several people who helped in this single were Rayendra Sunito as Producer, Arranger, Drummer as well as for the Mixing process, Adrian Rahmat Purwanto on Piano and Synth, Devinza Kendranata on Ac. and E. Guitars, and Dimas Pradipta for the Mastering process.

OKAAY says that even though possessiveness is considered not good in a relationship, possessiveness is still needed in a relationship. Okin explained that possessiveness occurs because of a thin sense of trust and can damage relationships with loved ones and even careers. However, possessiveness can be a sign of affection if it is in sufficient proportion.

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