Nadhira Suri Talks About Self Reflection, Towards Self Healing On “Ceritakan Padaku”

Nadhira Suri released her new work “Ceritakan Padaku.” The song that has been going on production for more than a year, is finally released. Nadhira wrote “Ceritakan Padaku” to convey about the process of understanding, accepting and forgiving in order to achieve happiness and inner peace.

Nadhira said that humans sometimes forget to understand that even souls can get hurt, the souls of those closest to us as well as our own. People often feel like they live alone, even though there will always be someone who loves, misses and accepts them. Sharing with the right people can prevent those inner wounds from becoming thorns in the flesh.

The song “Ceritakan Padaku” was written in 2022, precisely when covid began to end. At that time, Nadhira and her 2 songwriter friends (Stefanus and Emonk) had a warm conversation as usual, about the covid pandemic, human character and friendship. Nadhira felt that many of her friends were starting to change. Because of that she is afraid of meeting people. Eventually, she realized that it all happened because of previous wounds and trauma, pent-up emotions and feelings. After that, Stephen had the idea to make the song, and the three of them finished it.

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For the song “Ceritakan Padaku”, the main writer was Stephen, although the idea was based on Nadhira’s personal story. Nadhira and Emonk acted as co-writers & co-arrangers in the song’s development to completion. Nadhira, Stefanus, and Emonk are songwriters who have their own songs but then meet at Nadhira’s studio and create many works together. Nadhira’s studio is often used as a base camp for fellow artists.

Nadhira Suri or previously known as Nadhira Ulya is a singer who participated in X Factor Indonesia. Previously, she had participated in beauty contests, namely Miss Scuba Indonesia – She is currently an Indonesian songwriter and singer. Nadhira has written no less than 50 songs that are still stored neatly, she doesn’t really remember the exact number, but she is encouraged by her team and songwriter friends who have produced so many songs.

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