Google Prepares to Introduce Generative AI to Ads Business

Alphabet Inc’s Google plans to bring generative artificial intelligence into its advertising business in the coming months to create “new” ads.

Generative AI is artificial technology that relies on past data to create or build rather than identify content. Last month, Google began releasing its Bard chatbot to the public, seeking users and feedback to catch up with Microsoft Corp to top the AI technology market.

According to the presentation, advertisers can prepare “creative” content such as images, videos, and texts, which are relevant to a particular ad campaign, and then AI will put these materials together to generate ads based on the target audience and sales goals, the report said. 

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While there are concerns about AI’s broader impact on issues such as disinformation, phishing attempts, and cybercrime, Google plans to set up guardrails to address them as it rolls out new generative AI features. 

Source: channelnewsasia


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