4 Environmentally Friendly Furniture You Need to Know

Environmentally friendly furniture are objects in our homes that can be utilized and used without damaging the surrounding environment in their use. Eco-friendly furniture has many different types. Check out 4 of them below.

4 Environmentally Friendly Furniture Types You Need to Know:

1. Recycle Furniture

Recycle furniture is household property that comes from waste. Several types of waste such as wood waste or the like can be turned into classic furniture. In order to make good and attractive properties, creativity and art are needed so that the material from the waste has aesthetic and economic value.

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2. Furniture from reclaimed materials

Another way to reduce the use of new wood is to use reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is the use of objects that use wood material into other objects. Currently, the use of reclaimed wood is being widely used and even meets the European market.

3. Upcycle Furniture

Recycled furniture is updating old properties to make it look new. Old furniture that looks worn and boring can be upcycled by painting it. It will look more attractive with a touch of quality paint.

4. Eco Friendly Furniture

Furniture made from used materials such as drums, containers, tires, and cable reels can be a reference for eco-friendly furniture. With prices that can be considered affordable, these items are also easy to find.

source: Kompas

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