5 Tips for Safe and Comfortable Homecoming

Entering the end of the month of Ramadan, Indonesians are starting to get busy preparing for the homecoming to their hometown or what is commonly called “mudik”. For the homecoming trip to be safer and more comfortable, every nomad must think about all aspects that affect the smooth running of the homecoming trip.

5 Tips to Have Comfortable Homecoming

For those of you who want to go home, here are tips for preparing for homecoming so that the trip back to your hometown is safer and more comfortable. Let’s look at the following.

1. Check the State of the House

Besides the importance of preparing for the trip, checking the condition of the house is equally important before leaving. We must ensure the condition of the house, one of which is to ensure that the stove is off, turn off electronic equipment, and lock the door of the house or the fence.

2. Ensure Fit Body Condition

A long journey requires good physical condition so that we can focus on the trip back and forth. Make sure you eat enough. If homecoming is done during fasting, then the food intake for sahur is not too much. According to Rendy Dijaya, a researcher and health educator at the Nutrifood Research Center, eating too much will provide a high enough calorie intake for the body. So it will be full and cause drowsiness.

3. Bring Travel Supplies

To save travel costs, it would be nice if travelers could prepare snacks for lunch during the trip. However, when you are not fasting, you should not focus on eating at one time and in large portions. You can divide your food into smaller portions and eat it more often as a healthy light snack. So you stay focused on the trip and your stomach doesn’t cranky.

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4. Prepare Medicines and First Aid

Preparing medicines and first aid is the worst anticipatory step in an emergency. In addition to medication and first aid, the need for fluids during the trip must also be considered. Sometimes people choose not to drink because they don’t want to urinate. Even though drinking does not have to be done at one time and in large quantities.

5. Choose Safe and Comfortable Transportation

When traveling for a long time, whether using public or private transportation, several things need to be considered. Travelers who use private vehicles must prepare for the physical fitness of both the driver and passengers. For passengers using public transportation, prepare everything needed, starting from tickets, departure schedules, and physical fitness.

Those are some tips for returning home safely and comfortably. Hopefully useful and this year’s homecoming will be unforgettable.

Source: babe.polri, CNN Indonesia

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