3 Tips to Stay Productive During Ramadan Fasting

Welcome to the month of Ramadan which is full of glory and blessings. With the arrival of Ramadan, it means that Muslims around the world are required to observe fasting. Because fasting requires a person not to eat or drink from imsak until dawn, many people fail to focus. Not a few people feel weak and lack enthusiasm in activities. Some people are no longer even as productive as they were before they fasted. So, how do we stay productive even while fasting?

Make a Daily Schedule

The first tip is to make a daily schedule. Creating a daily schedule during the month of Ramadan will help you carry out your activities regularly. It also helps you do all activities on a scheduled basis and is easy to do. Creating a daily schedule will give you much later in completing any work you have.

Start Work Early

Try to start each job earlier. This will help you have full energy while working, so during the day or evening, the work can be completed more quickly. You who are prone to being tired and lazy in the afternoon, can be calmer when work is finished earlier.

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Don’t Miss Suhoor

No matter how tired and sleepy you are, try to eat suhoor. Don’t skip eating suhoor because this can give you more energy so you can be enthusiastic and fast. Eating suhoor is also an activity that can help you stay awake at dawn. This will help you be more enthusiastic about starting work earlier every day in Ramadan.

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