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China Reopening Border For Foreign Visitors And Tourist After 3 Years

China reopening border to foreign visitors and tourists after 3 years of pandemic restrictions. China’s Embassy in the United States claimed that the country would continue issuing all visa categories for foreigners.

Furthermore, travelers with multi-year visas issued before March 28, 2020 will be allowed to use them as long as it hasn’t expired. The set date is when China closed its border from overseas visitors to keep COVID-19 at bay.

Chinese government since last month has declared their victory on handling the COVID-19 outbreak that engulfed the country. Moreover, this is in accordance with the abrupt relaxation of Beijing’s “Zero Covid” policy issued last year.

The announcement also comes as Beijing intends to revive the world’s second largest economy and its domestic tourist industry, subsequently after the pandemic that crippled their growth since last year.

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Quoting the embassy’s statement, the visa entry will continue to Hainan and for cruise ships visiting Shanghai. In addition, visa entry will also restart the foreigners traveling from Hong Kong and Macau to Guangdong province. ASEAN member states that visit Guilin and Guangxi also included

The border reopening has garnered a lot of joy and relief from the citizens. The reaction came from both the one isolated inside the country and also those overseas separated from their loved ones.

Also, travelers are still required to take Covid test 48 hours before departure. In any case they still need to fill the results in their custom declaration forms for a safety net.

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