Rio Adiwardhana Welcomes Ramadan with “Tak Berarah”

Rio Adiwardhana, who is under the auspices of CAtNClaw Music Label and management, brought a religious song entitled “Tak Berarah” to welcome the holy month of Ramadan. The inspiration for the song came when he experienced a typical capital city traffic jam on his way to a place whose address he was still looking for, holding on to google maps to track the road to the destination. 

Finally, an idea emerged with the lyrics “perjalanan tak berarah, bumi menopang ragaku”, and finally became a complete poem. The song also has a message for all of us who are always preoccupied with the pleasures of the world that sometimes make us complacent without us realizing it and far from God. 

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Hopefully, the song “Tak Berarah” from Rio Adiwardhana can accompany this Ramadan and add to the solemnity of fasting Ramadan and can be accepted by Indonesian music lovers. 

“Tak Berarah” is already available on any digital streaming platform such as iTunes, Joox, Resso, Spotify, Apple Music, and on Youtube Channel “Rio Adwardhana Official” and Youtube Channel “CatNClaw”.

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