5 Tips To Know Before You Visit A Muslim Majority Country during Ramadan

Ramadan is marked by fasting from sunrise to sunset, with days reserved for introspection and evenings for socializing with family and friends. There are many countries with muslim residents practicing fasting Ramadan, such as Indonesia, Egypt, UAE, and many more. Each of them have different practices on how to observe Ramadan. For a Non-Muslims wanting to travel to a Muslims country, here are a few things you have to prepare before visiting during Ramadan.

Tips for visiting a Muslim country

  1. Research the way Ramadan is Celebrated

Travelers should check how Ramadan is celebrated. For example, in Dubai, eating and drinking in public during daylight hours is not allowed, whether you are observing the fast or not. On the other hand, it is tolerable in Istanbul to eat and drink in public. Check also how the restaurant handles alcohol and its daytime availability.

  1. Respect The Practices

In Ramadan, every Muslim practices fasting from sunrise to sunset. As a visitor, you will not be expected to fast. However, you should be mindful of consuming (or even displaying) food and drink in public during the day. Another thing to mind is to conduct yourself in a restrained manner, moderating your language and behavior and dressing modestly. Watch what nonfasting locals do, and follow suit.

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  1. Relax, because business slow down

Many restaurants, government entities, and even some tourism sites operate on reduced hours or may be closed entirely during Ramadan. Don’t plan on getting much done just before or after sunset, when people break their fast with the evening meal, iftar. Before this, everything grinds to a halt as everyone is either at home or heading there for a meal.

  1. Respond to Iftar Invitations

People often break their fast at communal public tables. Although all are welcome to attend public iftars, it’s relatively common to be invited to a private iftar. Being invited to share iftar in people’s homes is a sign of friendship and respect. It allows you to experience this holy time in an intimate, authentic way.

  1. Rejoice and get into the festive spirits

During Ramadan, nights are where the real action lies. Once people have broken the fast, the streets come alive. Many people will try to visit their family and some feast until morning. 

Source : AFAR

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