Lombok “The Island of a Thousand Mosques” Serves Unique Mosques to Historical Ancient Mosques

Lombok Island is a beautiful island located in the center of West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. It is known for its stunning beaches, traditional villages, and rich cultural heritage. However, one of the uniqueness of the island is better known as “The Island of a Thousand Mosques” because it has many mosques scattered in various areas of this island. These mosques also have unique and interesting architecture, such as the Bayan Beleq Mosque which is one of the oldest mosques in Lombok and has a roof shaped like a buffalo horn.

The majority of Lombok’s population are Muslim, and the island has a long history of Islamic influence dating back to the 16th century. Consequently, the mosque has played an important role in the daily life of the local people and has become an integral part of the island’s cultural landscape. For the Sasak people, the mosque is an integral and important building in everyday life. 

In fact, according to the criteria of the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI), Lombok ranks first as the best halal tourist destination in the world. The nickname “Island of a Thousand Mosques” originated during a working visit in 1970 by Effendi Zarkasih, Director General of Islamic Community Guidance at the Ministry of Religion.

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During these visits, Effendi always refers to Lombok as the island of a thousand mosques, according to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy website. After the nickname appeared, the search was carried out. According to records by Taufan Hidjaz, a lecturer at the National Institute of Technology, in Lombok, there are 3,767 large mosques and 5,184 small mosques spread across 518 villages.

The number of mosques goes far beyond the nickname itself. Of the more than 8,000 mosques in Lombok, some of them have a long history, including the NTB cultural heritage. The mosques include the Bayan Beleq Ancient Mosque, the Songak Mosque, the Karang Bayan Mosque, the Rambitan Mosque, and the Salut Ancient Mosque.

Overall, mosques on Lombok Island are not only places of worship but also serve as important cultural and architectural landmarks that reflect the island’s rich heritage and identity. Apart from mosques, the island of Lombok also has many interesting tourist spots, such as Lombok’s Kuta Beach, Gili Trawangan, and Mount Rinjani. The island of Lombok is also famous for its very beautiful typical woven crafts and has become one of Lombok’s tourism icons.

Source: CNN Indonesia

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