History of National Lunchbox Day Which is Celebrated Every April 12

Did you know that every April 12th is celebrated as National Lunchbox Day? The commemoration of the National Lunchbox Day or Hari Bawa Bekal Nasional began in 2013. This day was originally established by the Indonesian Ministry of National Education, BPOM, and is one of the well-known brands of household appliances in 2013.

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The purpose of National lunchbox Day is to raise awareness of the importance of the health of Indonesian children. This is an early milestone in achieving equitable health for children throughout Indonesia.This is supported by the Regulation of the Minister of National Education (Permendiknas) No. 39/2008 concerning Student Development. One of the contents in article 3 states that student development material includes physical quality, health, and nutrition based on diversified nutritional sources.

This includes, among other things, carrying out clean and healthy living habits, presenting school health efforts (UKS), improving adolescent reproductive health, and implementing security for school children’s snacks. The aim of health in commemorating the National Lunchbox Day is in line with the commemoration of International Health Day on 7 April 1950, where WHO determined the theme “From Farm to Plate Make Food Safe”.



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